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Effective B2B marketing for SaaS businesses can look much different from brick-and-mortar organizations, but some strategies hold across all fields.

SaaS businesses fill a niche by providing necessary subscription services to companies online. Most brands utilize at least one SaaS company, whether for email automation, customer management, or something more. But while a SaaS business can help business owners find customers, how do those who run a SaaS business market to other companies?

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Utilize content marketing 

While content marketing has massive benefits for most brands, SaaS businesses are uniquely positioned to reap the most from this strategy. Content marketing for SaaS businesses can take the form of a website blog, informational videos, news, or any combination thereof, but it all shares some key benefits. 

One massive benefit to content marketing is that it costs approximately as much as you want it to. For startups with a small staff and tight budget constraints, creating content in-house can be a great way to increase traffic without dinging your bottom line. A simple informative blog is easy to start and expand by hiring writers or content firms when you’re ready to scale. 

Of particular interest in B2B marketing for SaaS companies is the ability of content marketing to build trust. When one brand is searching for another business to work with, they want to know who’s on the other side of the desk. While it’s impossible for a successful SaaS company to meet with every target client in person, content marketing gives your brand a face and voice for these business owners to connect with. Companies often employ SaaS platforms to fulfill tasks they aren’t equipped to tackle themselves. Providing content that helps users navigate this landscape can make them feel empowered to choose a platform and ensure that your brand is the one on their minds when they make that choice. 

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Paid advertising

It may seem obvious, but paid ads are popular simply because they work. While content marketing can improve organic traffic, paid ads on Google, LinkedIn, and other platforms your ideal clients use regularly can provide excellent ROI. 

PPC ads are a great way to ensure this, as you’ll only pay for clients you bring in. Once they’re on your site, your design, content, and of course, the product can do the rest.  It’s vital to keep your PPC ads focused and utilize informed data to ensure the lowest possible cost-per-click. Be sure that your ads are SEO optimized for your category’s top keywords and keep careful track of your Google Ad quality score to get the most bang for your …….


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