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In today’s business environment, content is king. And when it’s done right, content can attract and retain target audiences. If you still have a reasonable department budget in these uncertain times, then hiring a content marketing consultant or agency to help you create a strategic communications action plan is highly encouraged.

But how do you decide which partnership is a good fit for your brand and vision? Below, nine experts from Forbes Business Development Council point out specific elements that leadership teams should continue to keep in mind during their search to find the right match when partnering with a content marketing company.

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1. Community Engagement On Content Topics Covered

It’s important to understand the ethnography of the topic areas across all forms of content including search engines, news and social media channels. You need to understand the topic demand to reconcile it with what you already know about the prospects from past interactions, in-depth interviews or quantitative surveys. – Barry Reicherter, Finn Partners

2. The Agency’s Values And Morals

When partnering with a content marketing company, it is important to consider its values and morals. A company that is committed to creating quality content will be dedicated to being honest and transparent with its clients. You want to know that your partner is going to share the same values as you and be in alignment when it comes to creating high-quality content. – Alex Roberti, Adrian Jules

3. Company-Agency Alignment On KPI And Goals

One of the most critical factors in choosing a partner is having clarity on key performance indicators (KPIs). Having a content marketing company that comes up with creative ideas is essential, but having clear goals on what success looks like is even more impactful. Centering KPIs around company initiatives such as website traffic, new sales attribution, new content published and social shares ensures accountability and measurements of success. – Wes Schmidt, Alviere

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4. Long-Term Business Synchronicity

The company or agency that you partner with for content is almost like another limb of your marketing wing. Ensure that the fit is sound. In today’s online world, your content is a direct reflection of your business. Take measures in advance to ensure synchronicity in the long term. – Ray Schultz, Liquid Rubber

5. Their Understanding Of The Target Audience And Market

One factor to consider when …….


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