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According to an annual Content Marketing Survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, creating brand awareness is the top goal brands achieve through content marketing. This is followed closely by building credibility/trust and educating their audience. 

Content marketing, which brings together multiple marketing approaches – such as blogs, email marketing, social media marketing, and more – is a critical function for all brands. But it’s even more vital if you’re looking to increase brand awareness. 

By incorporating some simple tips and tricks when it comes to content, you can get in front of audiences in a fresh way and drive awareness to new heights.


The importance of brand awareness

Since it takes a consumer 5 to 7 different brand interactions before they remember you, increasing their awareness requires a lot of work. 

90% of consumers believe that authenticity is important when they’re deciding to support a brand. And there’s no better opportunity for you to display authentic values and connection points than with a content marketing strategy. 

Ready to ramp up your connection with customers, increase awareness, and drive loyalty? You need to do content marketing right.


6 ways to harness the power of content marketing

The world of content marketing is constantly changing. A few years ago, we had no idea that short-form video would be the primary form of media in content marketing. But today, without video content, your brand may soon fall behind the competition.

Although the content landscape can shift at a moment’s notice, there are a few ways to ensure your brand is leveraging the power of content marketing to its full potential.


1. Strategize

Content marketing is so much more than posting an Instagram Reel every few days or sending out a monthly newsletter. It takes time to figure out which channels work best for your audience, so consider a broad approach if you’re just getting started. 

You’ll need to regularly publish blog content, have a strong social media presence, curate interesting videos, and more. With so much to keep track of, strategizing can help you stay organized, understand which tactics perform best, and get stronger as time goes on.


2. Understand your audience

Trying to market to a young adult audience? Email marketing and Facebook ads might not be the best way. 

Instead, try building a TikTok presence. Adopting user-generated content. Meet your audience where they are. 

B2B marketers, for instance, can use platforms like LinkedIn. With 94% of marketers distributing …….


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