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Every year, content marketing trends adapt, changing to the realities of the times. A lot of these changes are mild, while others are completely new ways of achieving successful results to attract target audiences. Digital Ethos’s junior SEO executive Stas Pamintuan looks at the five content marketing trends to embrace this year.

Since the pandemic, companies have found themselves adapting or faltering their marketing plans; the need for radical digital transformation occurred rapidly as marketers had to find creative solutions to navigate the evolutionary marketing industry.

Content marketing strategies depend on various factors such as industry, product type or service and business goals. By focusing on these five content marketing trends, marketers should be able to rise above these changes:

1. Move toward more empathetic content marketing

Recent world events have forced marketers to take a different approach and put customers at the center of their marketing strategies and work outward from there. Empathy on a personal level requires life from another perspective, and empathetic marketing takes it one step further still.

Marketers must first conceptualize the world through their customers’ eyes, then use their findings to create an appropriate content strategy that meets their needs. Speak to your target audience as humans and not just potential buyers. You may want to answer the following questions when building out your strategy:

These answers will help with tailoring content that evokes relatable emotions to their struggles, which in turn builds trust, creates better customer experience (CX) and develops more authentic relationships.

2. Focus on a better content experience

CX is the driving force behind successful digital marketing strategies today. And it’s no secret that consumer preferences change – whether through search content type or presentation format of that content.

Stay up to date with customer needs and wants to create a greater all-around experience. Create a unique narrative and use it across the board to provide engaging, consistent messaging.

In 2022, content marketing trends are moving toward more cohesive structures in writing and format – tying each part with the overall overarching purpose. But access to this data means marketing departments must spend more time during the research, planning and implementation phases to ensure an effective strategy. But what does this mean for businesses?

Being part of your customers’ world through content requires more interactions or visits, and boosting your brand’s overall image and customer loyalty. It’s about taking the time to dig into their pain points and providing the right solution for their needs.

3. Optimize your visual content

Blog posts continue to attract target audiences, but text content alone no longer suffices. Combining various content types across marketing channels will optimize CX further.

Well-designed visual content can increase customer interaction and move prospective consumers further along the buyer journey more quickly. One form we …….


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