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Content Marketing Statistics: Content marketing has nowadays become regular in everyday corporate life. It is providing better access to company resources in the form of written content. Such information is once posted on the internet, and the audience can read it anytime they want. Such content writing includes videos, infographics, blogs, e-books, case studies, user-generated content, and much more.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing includes any written material and graphics that are focused on publishing the material and then distributing it to targeted audiences. Regular updates on the company’s website will increase visibility, brand image, engagement, and traffic towards it. While content marketing is hard to execute as continuous analysis should be applied in order for more growth, it can lead you to better results if all the pieces fall into place.

Advantages Of Content Marketing?

  • Business processes that use content marketing, have proved that there’s 30% growth in the businesses (Mailchimp).
  • Prospective buyers resulted in 47% checking the content on the company’s website before going forward with the company’s sale (Mailchimp).
  • Companies who post regular blogs on their website have more leads generated than those who don’t (Mailchimp).
  • 72% of digital markets informed that Business to the Business transaction has also increased upon adopting content marketing (Mailchimp).
  • Content marketing increases the trust in the eyes of the customer.

Importance Of Content Marketing?

  • With the use of content marketing, audiences are able to decide on which company to choose from.
  • Content marketing includes social media marketing and much more. Social media marketing gives wider access to companies in every corner of the world.
  • Technology is developing the marketing area, unlike traditional marketing, today’s digital marketing is cost-effective.
  • Companies can improve their brand image and awareness using social media campaigns.
  • Having involved content marketing, it is easy to measure the competitors’ steps which can harm the company’s progress.
  • Content marketing provides exact and accurate results in a timely manner
  • Social media allows 24*7 interaction with the consumers without any fees
  • Having involved in content marketing and creating a presence in the online world, will create trust between the customers and the company
  • Using technological advancements such as graphics, videos, and email it is easy to attract leads and turn them into buyers.
  • SEO analytics in content marketing helps companies rank their business on the first number of the search engine’s landing page. If any customer is unaware of the business, SEO analytics comes to the rescue as it is aware of the customer just by using …….


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