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[Author: Noreen Fishman]

Content marketing for law firms is hard. Unfortunately, fun, exciting, and engaging aren’t usually the first words people use to describe content in the legal industry. The content that most law firms publish often gets a bad reputation for being boring and uninteresting. A lot of digital marketers will also shy away from working in the legal industry and avoid legal marketing projects because they find the work to be uninteresting and tedious. Nonetheless, any law firms looking to demonstrate knowledge and experience to prospects and clients need to create and publish engaging content.

Content marketing for law firms provides plenty of opportunities for lawyers and law firms to develop unconventional and innovative ideas and strategies. Below are some tips to create engaging and remarkable content for your law firm.

Tips on Content Marketing for Law Firms

1. Create Content that Covers Each Step of The Client Journey

When creating engaging marketing content for your law firm, it is important to know your audience. Rather than trying to appeal to a large demographic of online users, try creating content that directly relates to your target audience and where they are in the client journey. 

The client journey consists of four phases: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention. To create content for each of these stages you must first understand them. Check out this podcast on mapping your client’s journey to learn how to best optimize the content in each step.

2. Make Your Main Point Clear

Items like your headline, meta description, URL, and the intro should make the purpose of your content very clear. Headlines and introductions are a user’s first impression and your one chance to get them to click on and keep reading.

Don’t beat around the bush with stylistic choices when it comes to your intro and meta description. Grab their attention while simultaneously showcasing what it is you’ll be discussing in this piece of content.

And lastly, make sure your headings and subheadings give readers a good idea of what each section is about. Remember: readers are there because they want answers. Don’t lead them down a rabbit hole, unable to find the answer to their questions.

3. Shape Content Around Your Target Audience’s Pain Points

Everything you create should have your target audience in mind. Start by creating an ideal client profile, built out with the demographics, interests, lifestyle, and attributes of your target audience. Then, identify your client’s greatest pain points/questions.

From there, you can come up with content that offers solutions to these problems and remedies the stress they’re feeling.

Check out this free guide for help with creating an ideal client profile: A Law Firm’s Guide to Creating an Ideal Client Profile.</…….


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