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Matthew is Founder and CEO of The DVI Group, a strategic communications agency that reimagines business video for brands around the world.


Inflation is unavoidable in modern life, made even more obvious by the past year’s global economic turmoil. The American federal government reported an astounding 4.3% increase in consumer goods from Q3 over the previous quarter’s 9% increase. Market media outlets recommend investors lie low and ride safely through the impending recession. The message from economists and financial experts is clear: Prices are rising everywhere.

Prices for quality content marketing aren’t exempt from this raise. Agency owners have long evaluated the rising price of relevant goods and services and have tried their best to convey those price increases to clients in fairness. Yet, again, agency experts know the truth: Prices are rising. And that includes the prices for high-quality, data-backed content marketing deliverables.

But there’s great news for clients and agency leaders alike: The content marketing outlook for 2023 is bright. I believe that based on data measuring the effectiveness of content marketing, the content marketing industry is uniquely poised to beat inflation in real ROI.

Content marketing is cost-effective and powerful.

Content marketing—or brand marketing via helpful resources and thought leadership shared with target audiences—isn’t going anywhere. Data points to staggering success in content marketing, no matter how much clients spend on it. For example, research reports that while content marketing is 62% less expensive overall than other forms of marketing, it generates three times the leads.

Good content marketing is uniquely positioned to beat inflation with an approach that consistently outperforms spend—and spend clients do. Experts predict the content marketing industry will grow by $584.02 billion by 2027. And according to the Content Marketing Institute, half of B2B content marketers will increase their budget for 2023 despite economic downturns.

Combined, these statistics tell a story. Content marketing spend is exploding because of its valuable ability to achieve three times the results with less money.

Inflation is slowing.

Despite record increases in important sectors, evidence suggests that inflation is slowing and heading toward a correction point. November reports indicate sizable month-by-month decreases in inflation for key energy areas, such as electricity and other utilities. The month-by-month numbers look good for many other important areas, and news reports that overall rates have dropped steadily since a peak in June of this year.

The experts are focused on creative solutions.

One key ingredient in the fight against inflation is creativity. Content marketers should always focus on creating the most valuable creative content for their clients. After all, 92% of the top content marketers value “creativity and craft” most as they build their …….


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