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Twenty percent of businesses—including small businesses, restaurants, and storefronts—fail within their first two years. Sixty-five percent fail within their first ten years. Why do so many companies fail? One big reason has to do with an unsuccessful content marketing strategy. Without a good one, the likelihood of failure goes way up.

Fortunately, we can look to various companies, brands, and organizations that have used excellent content marketing to move forward toward success. By studying what they’ve done and implementing their strategies in your own way, your company can also benefit from the power of a great content marketing strategy.


If you’ve ever searched Google for marketing advice, then you’ve likely seen Neil Patel’s blogs pop up in the search results. But why do his blogs stand out as some of the best?

Patel’s blogs about marketing go further than just words and usually include charts, graphs, statistics, and personal stories. Recently, Patel has begun incorporating videography—the latest marketing trend—into his blog posts. Combining numbers and personal anecdotes is a very effective way to get through to people, while incorporating more videos on his blog helps him reach a wider audience. Additionally, Patel habitually replies to comments from people who visit his site. The reputation he has built keeps his readers coming back.

So, what does this mean for your team? Staying engaged with your community is essential, especially when building a reputation for your brand.


With more than a billion people on TikTok, leaving this social media app out of your digital marketing strategy means ignoring a seventh of the entire world! It seems silly to do, and Duolingo knows it.

Instead of continuously posting serious content about their language-learning products, Duolingo posts content that works for their target audience—it makes people laugh, it makes it personal, and it gets people interested. Although not all content may be about what Duolingo sells, once their audience is interested, they could become potential customers.


If your business has been thinking about starting a podcast, it’s a great time to do so. Podcasts represent one of the newest forms of digital marketing, and brands are really starting to gravitate toward them.

Compared to creating and editing a video post, podcasts can be put together relatively quickly. Of course, a podcast should be about more than just you and your business; guests and other speakers should be featured on the podcast to keep people engaged and interested.

ZipRecruiter’s excellent podcast provides motivation and inspiration, and regularly features discussions with prominent guests related to ZipRecruiter’s niche of hiring and job searching.

If you decide a podcast would benefit your business and brand, the first step is to follow …….


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