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Maria Sibirtseva is the content team lead at Depositphotos. For The Drum’s Content Marketing in Focus, she shares her top five tips for brands to boost their content marketing strategy in 2023 and beyond.

Today, content marketing is integral to any brand effort. It helps achieve a wide range of goals, from tailoring brand perception and raising awareness, to attracting traffic and increasing conversions, smoothly paving your company’s way towards becoming a market leader.

As content marketing is all about long-term perspective and indirect impact, teams often consist of a few people and operate with budgets given out on the “residual” principle. Considering the limitations that content marketers face, how do you ensure you succeed in your effort?

Depositphotos, an international content marketplace with over 240 million files, has been doing content marketing since its very foundation in 2009. In over 13 years, the team has developed its vision of making the most of these efforts. In this guide, you’ll find five proven tips and helpful advice for your 2023 content marketing strategy.

1. Develop a content ecosystem

It often starts with a vague idea. Someone in your team says, “What if we create content that covers industry trends for the upcoming year? This way, we’ll continue building expertise on the market, engage with existing clients, and attract new ones.” The topic sounds great and is extremely relevant at the beginning of the new year, but how do you make this piece visible to larger audiences and of use to several teams within your company?

The answer is: by building a content ecosystem as the core of your strategy. At the stage of planning, come up with topics for pillar articles or projects that are in line with your business purposes, but easy to adapt (or repurpose) to multiple communication channels. The same amount of attention should be given to both execution and distribution. This way, you’ll be able to optimize your team effort, as well as provide consistency across all communication channels.

Below is a scheme that works for the Depositphotos team. Most often, at the center of our content ecosystem lies a pillar project, which later unfolds into separate content pieces for other channels:

For each company this ecosystem can be different, however, you can ask yourself a couple of questions before settling on an idea and ecosystem structure:

If we realize this project, how many channels can we use to promote the piece?

What angle, approach, and formats will help us make the most of it?

What metrics will we use to measure success in different channels?

2. Play with formats

In the contest for user attention, content formats are another option for you to stand out. In 2023, quality will continue to win over quantity, with more brands prioritizing user’s informational needs over the company’s sales messages.



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